CYM-100 Extra Slim Box Cutter

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CYM-100 Extra Slim Box Cutter


CYM-100 Extra Slim Box Cutter

Material: Iron Handle+ Carbon Steel Tool Blade


101.1 x 22.7 x 3.4 (mm)

Color: Silver, White


  • Efficient Cutting: Designed to effortlessly cut through thick cardboard in just a minute!
  • Durable Pro-Graded Quality: The razor sharp blade is made of heavy-duty carbon steel that won’t bend or break while using to cut all kinds of thick cardboards. The all-metal construction is designed for durability that will last a lifetime
  • Retractable Safety Blade: The blade retracts for safe cutting and storage
  • Carry it On-The-Go: The extra slim design makes it fit right in your pocket, easily to carry around with you
  • Sold in Bulk: to ensure there are always extras on hand.


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