CYM-090 Extra Sharp Pipe Cutter

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CYM-090 Extra Sharp Pipe Cutter

Material: ABS Plastic frame + Carbon Steel Tool Blade

Dimension: 27.2 x 25 x 27.2 (mm)

Color: Red


  • Razor Sharp Blade: Made from durable pro-graded carbon tool steel for extra sharpness and edge retention, which ensures a long service life
  • Cutting Range: Can cut pipes with diameter up to 12mm
  • V-shaped positioning: For precise cutting, reducing the disadvantages of the pipeline due to uneven cutting
  • Mega Cutter: Rigid plastic pipe can also be cut as long as there is enough cutting surface
  • Special opening and closing cutting design: Using a smaller force to obtain a smoother pipeline, easy to operate, worry-free and effortless
  • Carry it On-The-Go: You can simply carry it in your pocket, light and easy

Instructions for use:

  • PE pipe must be cut flat
  • Just insert the tube into the bottom to avoid water leakage, about 18mm
  • When disassembling the pipe, press the shrapnel in parallel, then pull it out, do not force it out

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